North Region Development Update

Boxing Scotland has welcomed its newest, and most Northerly, member club after Caithness Boxing Club completed the affiliation process in March.

The new club will be based in Wick, which is 103 miles North of Inverness, and just 16 miles away from John O’Groats.

The club has been formed by former Inverness City BC boxer Liall MacKenzie, who will act as their Head Coach.

Liall explained his motivation behind opening the club is to provide opportunities to youngsters in the area that he himself never had when he was growing up.

“My background was I did a little bit of boxing when I was in the army and when I came out I wanted to continue,” Liall said.

“But moving back up to Wick I looked for the closest club and it was in Inverness.”

“I started travelling down every weekend to train and then started to box for Inverness City BC.”

“But it is 100-odd miles each way, so when I was driving up the road each time I had always thought it would be good if we had a club up here.”

“Initially I didn’t have the experience to run my own club and didn’t think I could do it, but I have been boxing for a few years now and felt the time was right.”

“I just want to give the people up here the opportunity to do it.”

“Last year we did a taster session in the High School in Wick and I remember thinking there was a lot of potential and I could teach some of these people.”

“I am sure we will tap into some talent and hopefully some hard-working people who can do well.”

“I started boxing quite late in life, so it is about giving the youngsters the opportunity that I never had.”

“I used to get frustrated at being able to train only once a week and feeling that I wouldn’t live up to my full potential.”

A lot of thanks must go to Highland High Life for their support in helping to get the club up and running and also for raising more than £3,500 so the club could be fully kitted out with equipment and a ring.


We are extremely pleased to report that Aberdeen University Boxing Club’s LGBT project in March was a big success, with an average of 21 participants coming along to each of the classes.

The club offered an introductory boxing class for a period of four-weeks, with the aim to break down potential barriers to participation for the LGBT community in the North-east of Scotland.

The project was fully funded by LEAP Sports, an LGBT organisation, which allowed the class to be offered to participants for free.

The class proved to be really popular, showing that there is a demand for such classes, peaking with 27 participants coming along in the second week.

Aberdeen University BC Club Captain Eddie Eadie revealed they are already planning to run another LGBT class later in the year.

Eddie said: “The training was really good, there was great progress seen by all.”

“You could really see people coming out of their shell with confidence in training.”

“We really want to try these sessions again in Freshers time. We foresee the context helping massively with integrating LGBT members into our main club.”


A number of North District clubs received varying degrees of funding in March for a number of different projects;

Aberdeen Boxing Club received £9,967 from the ‘U Decide Northfield’ Participatory Budget fund to help deliver an educational themed boxing programme, the GB National Boxing Awards, to up to 90 pupils at Northfield Academy.

Byron Boxing Club were awarded £10,000 from the ‘U Decide Northfield’ Participatory Budget fund to launch a 26-week ‘Get Fit for Free’ project, which will offer free boxing training to up to 200 people in the local community.

Jacobite Boxing Club received £1,200 from the ‘Nurturing Nairn’ award, which allowed them to kit out their new premises with jigsaw floor mats.

Hands of Stone Boxing Club received £250 from the Scotmid Co-operative which allowed them to purchase protective training equipment.

Kingswells Boxing Club are set to launch a women’s and girls’ section at their club after being awarded £2,580 from the Active Aberdeen Partnership.

St Mary’s Boxing Club were also beneficiaries of the Active Aberdeen Partnership after receiving a grant of £1,000 to purchase a training ring.


If any North District clubs are interested in further engaging with the North Region Development Officer they can contact Ben Holme on or 07702 866135.

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