There were pass marks all round as the Scottish University Boxing Championships made its return after an absence of more than two years this past weekend.

Dundee University Boxing Club kindly played host to the Championships, which were held on campus at Bonar Hall.

There were victories for Aberdeen University BC, Dundee University BC and St Andrews University BC as the students undertook their most challenging examinations to date.

A big thanks must go to Dundee University BC and Scottish Student Sport (SSS) for facilitating the event and to all the boxers for taking part.

Scottish University Boxing Championship results;

  • Women’s Featherweight Final (54-57kg) – Nina Lamponen (Aberdeen University) beat Katherine Gleason (Aberdeen University), RSC Round Three
  • Women’s Lightweight Final (57-60kg) – Katja Stempel (Aberdeen University) beat Grace Barclay (Aberdeen University), Unanimous Decision
  • Men’s Welterweight Final (64-69kg) – Donald Muirhead (Dundee University) beat Navid Hayati (Aberdeen University), Unanimous Decision
  • Men’s Light-Heavyweight Final (75-81kg) – Scott Bowie (Dundee University) beat Caleb Maisonville (St Andrews University), Split Decision
  • Men’s Heavyweight Final (81-91kg) – Hamish Payne (St Andrews University) beat Ibrahim Dali-Ahmed (Aberdeen University), Split Decision

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