2017 – 2018 BSL Club Cub Scheme and Club Guidelines

2017 – 2018 BSL Club Cub Scheme and Club Guidelines

Dear Members

During the BSL board meeting held last night (19 July 2017) a number of revisions to the BSL Club Cub Scheme were approved ahead of the 2017/2018 season. These are as follows:

  • All Club Cubs must be medically examined prior to taking part in a Skills bout;
  • The rest period between each round is 1 minute;
  • Supervisors must complete a pre-Skills bout check to ensure all club cubs are eligible to take part (i.e. registration number, date of birth, age gap between opponent, satisfactory medical etc);
  • Club Cub skills bouts are defined as follows:
    • As a means of allowing Club Cub boxers to gain experience in a controlled environment in which contact will be permitted. Skills bouts will be very strictly controlled by the referee under the close scrutiny and guidance of the Supervisor. During a Club Cub skills bout, competitive heavy blows are not permitted under any circumstances;
  • The health, safety and welfare of all Club Cubs will be the primary concern during all Club Cub skills and all skills bouts will be at complete discretion of the Supervisor present;
  • No Club Cub skills bout will be permitted with a weight difference in excess of 2kg;
  • All Club Cub skills bouts must be between Club Cubs of the same sex;
  • Coaches will not be permitted to coach in any form from the corner during Club Cub skills bouts at any time;
  • Club Cub boxers cannot compete against registered BSL competitive boxers;
  • All Club Cub boxers will be assigned a registration number with a CC prefix. When a club cub boxer becomes of eligible age, they should register as a competitive boxer with Boxing Scotland and will be issued with a new registration number and SME2 book;
  • All Club Cub skills bouts will not count as experience and considered as & when a Club Cub decides to become a fully registered competitive boxer.

In terms of activity and the ability to take part in Club Cub skills bouts, the following will apply to each eligible year of birth:

  • 2009 – No skills bouts. Club sparring only;
  • 2008 – A maximum of three (3) Club Cub skills bouts per annum which can only be with other Club Cubs from the same club;
  • 2007 – A maximum of six (6) Club Cub skills bouts per annum which must be as follows:
    • Three (3) skills bouts with other Club Cubs from the same club;
    • Three (3) skills bouts with Club Cubs from other affiliated BSL clubs.

The full set of guidelines can be downloaded via this link: revised club cub 13 July 2017  and also from the clubs section of the BSL website.

A set of BSL Club & Domestic Guidelines have also been produced to provide guidance for Supervisors, Scottish Boxing Officials, Club Coaches and Boxers when involved/boxing at club level. These can be viewed via the following link: BSL Club & Domestic Guidelines and also from the clubs section of the BSL website.

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