2017 Boxing Scotland Elite Finals – Ticket Update

2017 Boxing Scotland Elite Finals – Ticket Update

Dear Boxers, Coaches, Family Members and Fans,

We would like to bring you an update on tickets for our 2017 Elite Championship Finals being held on 01 April 2017 in the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility in Motherwell.


Availability is very limited for table seats.

We have one full table available – Table 15 – £500 for 10 seats or £55 for individual seats.

We have 8 seats available at Table 17.

We have recieved a note of interest fpor Table 16 – If this is not confirmed by 5pm today –  Friday 24 March 2017 – this will be released for purchase on a first come first serve basis.


We have two types of seating available – £25 floor seats and £20 bleacher seats.

Those who purchase floor seats must sit in the floor seating area. Likewise, those who purchase bleacher seats must sit in the bleacher seating areas.

On the evening of the finals, all spectators with floor seat tickets will be asked to present their tickets at the ticket desk. At this point, everyone with a floor/bleacher seat will be given the option of a red or blue wrist band which must be kept on for the duration of the evening. Spectators must also retain the right tear off part of their ticket for the duration of the evening. Red & Blue seating areas will be sign posted on the evening.

We have already allocated a considerable number of both floor & bleacher seats to boxers & their families but there are still plenty available. Any pre-allocated tickets that are unsold will be released for general resale on the evening of the finals.

An updated seating plan can be viewed below.

Please call 0845 241 7016 or email enquiries if you have any further ticketing queries.

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