2017 Boxing Scotland Equality Survey

2017 Boxing Scotland Equality Survey

Boxing Scotland Ltd is committed to making Boxing open and accessible to all. This will be accomplished by upholding the principles of equality in all aspects of our work. We will audit and monitor our business activities regularly, and take appropriate steps if it appears that our commitment to equality is not being delivered effectively.

We are currently collecting data on the profile of our staff (paid and unpaid), coaches, officials, board, members and participants in terms of equality.

Your cooperation in helping us to gather this monitoring information will greatly aid our efforts on two fronts:

1 – It is in the interests of BSL and Scottish Boxing as a whole, that we get as complete and accurate a picture of the diversity of our participants and members. This will allow us to meet standards and to attract additional investment, as well as to ensure we make the sport as open to all as we can. We want as many people drawn into the sport of boxing as possible and it is our responsibility to make participation and inclusion intrinsic in everything we do.

2 – To ensure that all staff (paid and unpaid), coaches, officials, board, members and participants are treated fairly regardless of age, race, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

Without this data, it will not be possible to identify any current areas of under representation or potential inequalities, and as such, it will make it much more difficult for us to tackle these issues.

This work is being carried out as part of our responsibilities under the Equality Act, 2010 and as part of our work towards achieving the Equality Standard for Sport, Intermediate level.

How will your personal information will be treated?

Responses will be treated in the strictest confidence, in line with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. This means that:

– Your information will be stored securely with restricted access;
– Information will be anonymous (this means that there will be no way in which you can be identified), there is nowhere on the form that asks for your name;
– Information will be combined in the form of summary reports which will be reported to our board and published on our website;

Instructions for completion:

Your response should be completed online via this specific survey. All information will be collated anonymously and a subsequent equality monitoring report will be produced. This will provide us with benchmark information ahead of commencing our Intermediate standard work.

I would invite as many of our members as possible (there are over 3000!) to complete this in order to help us. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Fraser Walker
Interim CEO

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