2017 BSL Elite Finals – Important information & Reminder

2017 BSL Elite Finals – Important information & Reminder

Dear 2017 Elite Final Boxers & Coaches

We would once again like to remind like to inform you all that the weigh-ins and medicials for all boxers will take place between the hours of 12:00pm – 2:00pm on the afternoon of Saturday 01 April 2017 in the Motherwell College room within the venue.

Coaches will be able to collect their wrist bands at during this time (12:00pm to 02:00pm) also. A coaches band collection table will be placed immediately outside the Motherwell College room where clubs/coaches can collect their wristbands. We appreciate that not every coach will be available to collect their wristbands so this can be done by one designated coach from each club with a boxer competing.

Please note that we will also be holding a further hand wrapping workshop ahead of Saturdays Elite Finals – This will take place in the Motherwell college room between 02:00 to 04:00pm and be delivered by BSL Emerging Talent Coach, Mr Ray Gibson. This will be open to all BSL registered coaches but the aim of assisting the Elite final coaches.

Any Elite Final coaches unable to attend, who may not be 100% certain on how to apply professional hand wraps, will be provided with assistance/guidance on the night by Ray Gibson.

Finally, we would like to remind everyone of the AIBA competition rules regards hand wrapping:

Youth & Elite Females (and all other age groups aside from Elite Males)

Bandages must not be longer than 4.5m (14. 76 feet), and not shorter than 2.5m (8.2 feet). Bandages must be 5.7cm (2 ¼ inches) wide.
Bandages must be made of stretchy cotton material with a Velcro closure. No tape allowed anywhere on bandages.

Elite Males

The use of professional handwraps is mandatory in all Elite Men’s Competitions.
In Elite Men’s Competition, the wrapping for each hand must be made of:
  • Gauze: a maximum fifteen (15) meters length and five (5) centimetres width may be used to cover the hand and an additional five (5) meters length and ten (10) centimetres width to cover the knuckles;
  • Surgeon’s Tape: a maximum 5 meters’ length and 2.50 centimetres’ width;
  • Surgeon’s tape of no more than a maximum five (5) millimetres width may be applied between the fingers;
  • A Boxer may apply his bandages on his hands as he likes, provided that the knuckles of his hand are not covered by the surgeon’s tape. Gauze padding may be used to cover the knuckles
  • The use of any substance on the bandages is prohibited.

Please click on the link to view the AIBA video concerning hand wrapping for Elite Male boxers:



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