2017 School & Junior Entries – Please read

2017 School & Junior Entries – Please read

Dear Boxers, Coaches & Club Secretaries

The 2017 School & Junior entries have been collated and are availble to view below:

2017 School Entries

2017 Junior Entries

As always, these have been published so that they can be checked for any anomalies/errors. A finalised version will be published on Friday 17 February 2017.

No further entries will now be accepted, unless in the following circumstances:

  • An entry form is submitted for a boxer, who is not a previous entrant, in a weight category in which there is only one boxer (single entry)- This will be for the purpose of creating a bout;
  • A double entry is submitted for a boxer who has previously only entered at one weight (further double entry must be at either the immediate weight above or below) – Again for the purpose of creating a bout for a previous single entry boxer.

Entries that fall under the above criteria will be permissable until 17:00 hours on Wednesday 15 February 2017.

Please call the BSL office on 0845 241 7016 if you have any further queries.

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