AIBA Rules – Latest update

AIBA Rules – Latest update

AIBA Technical Rule Amendments – April 2017 edition

Dear Members

Following the AIBA Commission Meetings 2017 in New Delhi, India in February 2017, the Technical & Rules Commission and R&J Commission have undertaken a thorough review of the AOB Competition Rules.

The following amendments have been overwhelmingly confirmed by the AIBA Executive Committee in order to be enacted prior to the upcoming Continental Championships and are effective as of the date 26 April 2017.

Changes include alignment with current practices and the removal of inconsistencies from previous editions along with a newly introduce provision for teams to have their own cut man.

The revised rules can be viewed below:

AIBA Technical Rules – April 26, 2017

AIBA AOB Competition Rules – April 26, 2017

A summary of the changes from the last edition of the AIBA Technical Rules are listed below for ease of reference:

New Rule Reference Notes

Pg. 8

Contact Lenses – the rule has been altered so that the decision is now ABD rather than RSC

Pg. 9/10

The 10 – 6 score has been removed as it was never used by Judges

Pg. 12

The definition of ABD (Abandon) has been revised to: “ If a boxer retires voluntarily or if the coach throws the towel into the ring or appears on the apron, however when the referee is not counting, the opponent will be declared the winner of the bout by Abandon.

Pg. 16

Low Blow – the rule has been altered so that the decision is now a RSC-I instead of RSC.

Pg. 17

Warning – these will now be issued if a boxer receives a head butt or other illegal blows which do not cause an injury or cut and reads “ If a Boxer receives a headbutt or other illegal which do not cause an injury or cut, the Referee will give a warning to the offender, deducting one (1) point per judge or may disqualify the offending boxer if actions are deemed sufficiently serious to warrant a disqualification.”



Pg. 18

Knockdown – More precision introduced into (9.6) Compulsory Count Limits to complement rules 9.6.1, 9.6.2, 9.6.3 and reads “Eight count due to an illegal blow, will not be considered in this amount”.

Pg. 19

Referee – More precision regarding the command ‘Time’ – rule now reads “Time” when ordering the Timekeeper & Gong operator to stop the time, and to order the boxers to stop boxing.

Pg. 22

Official Announcer – removal of reference to their location around the Field of Play

Pg. 23

Coaches/Seconds – inclusion of AIBA certified cutmen to work as seconds within the field of play.


There are also more explicit definitions of professionals in 16.1. i.e professional coaches who are now eligible to act as seconds once certified (AIBA 1, 2, 3 star) by AIBA

Appendix C

Pg. 30

Medical Certificate – Official Doctor’s stamp now requested on the pro-forma.


A summary of the changes from the last edition of the AIBA Competition Rules are listed below for ease of reference and can be found in the latest edition:


New Rule Reference Notes

Pg. 6

Weigh in – Re-organisation of the paragraphs for easier understanding. Rule 3.1.2 is also worth noting.

Pg. 7

Official Draw – reference to rule 3.2 amended.

Pg. 12

Supervisor – removal of the previous Continental clause.

Pg. 12

Supervisor – more clarity on required eligibility to become a Supervisor


NTOs – in particular 13.6.1 AIBA recommendation for Time Keepers

Pg. 19

Gloves – removal of the weight specifications for 10z and 12oz as they are now in the Technical rules.

Pg. 19

Headguards – Re-organisation of the paragraphs for easier understanding.


Please also note rule 21.1 – no headguards for Elite males at any National level


Pg. 20

Bandages – Re-organisation of the paragraphs for easier understanding.


Relaxing of the use of professional hand wraps in national competitions – The rule 22.2.1 now reads “In international Elite Men’s competition, such as but not limited to Olympic Games, World Championships, Continental Championships, Continental multi-sports Games (i.e Commonwealth Games) or any other event decided by AIBA, the use of professional hand wraps of the specification below (22.2.2) shall be mandatory.


22.2.3 also states ‘In international Elite Men’s Competition, a Boxer may apply his bandages on his hands as he likes, provided that the knuckles of his hand are not covered by surgeon’s tape.

Appendix B Point 3

Pg. 26

Result protocol – inclusion of the result protocol when box-off bouts are organised.
Appendix C Point 2

Pg. 28

Seeding – re-organisation of the rule for easier understanding.

Same number of seeds for male & female boxers.

Same number of seeds for all competitions.

Quota for host country revised.


Worth noting there is no reference to seeding at National level i.e. Scottish Championships.

Appendix C Point 2.4

Pg. 29

WSB seeding criteria – using the ranking of the last completed regular season (instead of season V and VI)
Appendix C


Pg. 29

Seeding quota for Host country – re-wording of the rule for more consistency with point 2.2
Appendix E

Pg. 38

Gloves and Headguard specifications, – manufacturer and competition identification has changed and is specified.

As always, if you have any queries please contact your District Secretary in the first instance who in turn can refer matters to the BSL office if need be.

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