BSL pre/post bout medical pro-forma

Dear Boxers/Coaches/Member

Our post of 05 October 2017 advised that BSL is introducing a new boxer pre & post medical pro-forma that will be effective (and mandatory) from the 2017 BSL Novice Championships and at every club, district and national event thereafter.

The welfare of our boxers is our number one priority.

A reminder that the new system will be as follows:

  • Boxers, where possible, ONLY complete the pre-bout section HIGHLIGHTED IN DARK GREY at the start of the form (including a signature of their coach/parent/guardian if the boxer is U16) and present it to the examining doctor at the daily medical/weigh in;
  • The Doctor will sign off the form and it will be inserted to each boxer’s registration book;
  • Each and every boxer must present themselves to a ringside doctor after every bout they compete in, to allow the Doctor to complete the post-bout section of the form;
  • At national championship level:
    • Boxers exitting from any given tournament must be examined post bout. Failure to do so will result in registration books being retained by the Doctor/BSL until the pre-bout examination has been completed;
    • Boxers progressing in any given tournament must be examined post bout in order to be allowed to be compete in the next round

In order to help with the implementation of this new measure, the updated form can be downloaded below (also available in the clubs section of the website) :

BSL pre post medical bout

Boxers and coaches are encouraged to print off and complete these forms prior to boxers entering the medical/weigh in room next week. BSL will also supply the forms to boxers upon request each day of the 2017 Novice Championships.

We appreciate this will be a slight change to normal protocols but it is a hugely important one with our Boxers health & safety our number one priority.

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