Contact Boxing Scotland

We are always reviewing and exploring ways in which we can improve member services.

To allow us to deal with and direct all member queries (whether it be by phone call, letter or email) more effectively we would like to make members aware of the following contact information;

For all PR, Governance and Operational matters:

Contact Fraser Walker, Chief Operating Officer phone 0845 241 7016  EMAIL

For all Boxing Scotland Performance Programme & Selection (Male and Female) matters:

Contact Mike Keane, National Coach & Performance Director TEL 07725 100892  EMAIL

Craig McEvoy, Technical Coach TEL 07974 302782  EMAIL

For Boxing Scotland Emerging Talent (School and Junior) matters:

Contact  TEL 07764 968315 EMAIL

For East Region Development matters:

Contact Paul Coleman on TEL 07803 513699 EMAIL

For North Region Development matters:

Contact Ben Holme on TEL 07702 866135 EMAIL

For Coach & Boxer Registrations, Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) and General Enquiries:

Contact Marianne McMahon BSL Sport Administrator TEL 0845 241 7016 EMAIL

For all other General Enquiries:

Contact Boxing Scotland Administration TEL 0845 241 7016 EMAIL

For all Eastern District Matters:

Contact Tom Trotter, Eastern District Secretary TEL 07921 393986. EMAIL

For all Northern District Matters:

Contact Norman Watt, Northern District Secretary TEL 07811 506853 EMAIL

For all Western District Matters:

Contact Douglas Pinkett, Western District Secretary  EMAIL


We would like to respectfully request that any member wishing to attend the Boxing Scotland office to discuss any matter with staff, must now contact the office a minimum of 48 hours beforehand, explaining the reason for the meeting and to schedule it accordingly. Meetings will be allocated 15 minute slots which can be increased accordingly at the discretion of staff.

In recent weeks, there has been an increasing amount of members turning up at the office wishing to speak to Staff with no prior notice. As always, all Boxing Scotland staff are willing to help wherever we can, however, we cannot guarantee people coming into the office without appointments will be seen.