Development Update

Development Update

Bring Back Boxing: Inclusivity & Opportunity

Boxing Scotland is committed to making Boxing open and accessible to all, and as you will be aware we have been working with various partners to provide increased opportunity to participate in Boxing via the Bring Back Boxing Academy.

Over the last months, Jo Holt has delivered sessions in Knightswood Primary School – This activity stands out as having a real impact, evidencing Boxing as an inclusive and powerful sport.

Initially, one-to-one sessions were delivered to a pupil who required additional support for personal development. Following this, the sessions were then opened up to an additional 6 male participants.

Feedback from the schools Deputy Head Teacher highlights the impact that this delivery had. She stated:

“The child had a very unsettled home life. This is manifested into the child himself replicating these behaviours when upset or angry, including attempting to harm his siblings. He had experienced many changes within his family, include the breakdown of relationships between himself and the male figures within his life and did not trust adults of figures of authority.

The one-to-one sessions provided the child with a strong positive role model. It provided him with a safe space to explore ways in which to channel his anger and frustration, in a more disciplined and positive way. Jo was able to teach the child about respect and discipline within sport which the child responded very positively to. Boxing provided him with a focus that other aspects of PE did not provide.”

Active Schools

Southside Boxing Club: Beyond this, there has been additional opportunities to partake in Boxing across the country via the Active Schools network.

BSL recently caught up with Southside Boxing Club, who in partnership with the Langside Area Partnership have delivered Bring Back Boxing sessions as part of their ‘Reaching Out’ project. This project has seen over 200 hours of activity being delivered to over 1000 pupils collectively across the area. This activity has been well received – Indeed, the pupils themselves described the benefits of the sessions as; stress relieving, fun and energising, a prevention from getting annoyed, feeling more brave and feeling more happy.

There are plans to work with the various partners involved to ensure that this delivery is continued into the new school term, following the summer break.

Ecosse Boxing Club: In addition to this, recently affiliated Ecosse Boxing Club have also delivered extensive activity via the Active Schools network. This voluntary activity includes sessions in over 20 schools across North Lanarkshire. Many of these sessions are currently being delivered on the school curriculum as a vocational alternative. This delivery has seen the club grow into a position where it is now a well-connected and active club.

The club also offers additional opportunity within the gym itself by ‘Fighting for Autism’ – The club has opened its doors to 15 users with autism who wish to participate in physical activity. These users are introduced to the club by ‘Hope for Autism’ which is a charity group established in North Lanarkshire who specifically encourage support, care and opportunity for young people with autism in this area.

Clearly, this reinforces the clubs’ commitment to becoming wholly accessible. We look forward to working with all the clubs in the area to continue and support the good work that is being delivered.

Activity Agreements & East Lothian Works

We previously informed you that five boxing clubs in Aberdeen have agreed to become partners of the ‘Activity Agreements’ project – Activity Agreements is a project that targets school leavers who are not in further education, training or employment and seeks to provide them with an informal learning experience through activities.

In the last few weeks, we have extended this partnership into Edinburgh, where our first clients are taking part in agreed activity with Clovenstone Boxing Club.

There is further discussion to be had, but it is hoped that this can be extended into more targeted areas across the city, specifically areas that are listed on the SIMD (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation).

The Bronx Boxing Club: We previously updated you with plans to commence a similar project in East Lothian, with East Lothian Works, the Council’s employability support wing.

This project has now commenced. The intentions of this project is to provide both Boxing as a vocational activity outwith the school curriculum, and marrying the benefits that Boxing has on these individuals with further employability support. The Boxing sessions are delivered on alternate weeks from within The Bronx Boxing Club in Tranent. During the other weeks, the same participants attend bespoke employability and skills development sessions with the East Lothian Works staff. Pupils from all 6 High Schools in East Lothian are participating in this initiative, and already the multi-faceted benefits that his has had on these individuals has been widely accepted by the partners and schools involved.

We endeavour to work closely with the club to ensure that this continues to be a success, and work towards developing this into a sustainable programme into the mid-long term.

We will keep you updated with how these projects, and any new projects develop. If you have any questions or want to get involved, get in touch with Boxing Scotland by email via

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