Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week 30th Sept – 5th Oct

Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week 30th Sept – 5th Oct

As part of the Scottish Women & Girls in Sport Week, we today focus on Alison McIntyre, a Boxing Scotland volunteer who selflessly dedicates most of her free time to boxing.

Alison runs Linwood Boxing Club along with her husband John.  They started operating out of a small sport centre in 1994.  It soon outgrew these premises and now operates out of a former industrial estate, from which it runs boxing and fitness classes five times a week.  It caters for boxers aged 7 and upwards.

The club plays a key part within its local community and has fostered excellent relations with a number of partners in the Renfrewshire area, including Police Scotland the local community sport hub and various Active Schools co-ordinators.  The club is so highly regarded that it was invited to give a boxing demonstration in the ON-X sports centre on the day the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games baton travelled through Linwood.

Alison previously worked as a nursery teacher for 22 years and is now starting to see those she once taught enter the sport.  Alison said, “It makes me feel extremely proud, to see boxers come through from nursery I once taught at.”

Alison is truly passionate about Boxing, particularly women’s boxing and is a huge advocator of breaking down perceived barriers in the sport.  “We have some great prospects in women’s boxing in Scotland, who are really dedicated to the sport. It’s great to see.”  said Alison

Working as Boxing Scotland volunteer for the last ten years, her experience stretches further back in the Western District.  She has also travelled with Boxing Scotland team manager along with her husband John over past couple of years

We asked Alison how she feels about giving so much of her time to volunteering with Boxing Scotland and she responded “I absolutely love it and really enjoy working with the staff too.  I have learnt so much about the what happens behind the scenes, including getting to grips with the rules and regulations covering boxing over the last ten years. It’s a really friendly and positive organisation to be a part of.”

Alison can often be found behind the scenes at our national championships ensuring contributing to the smooth running of them. This includes fulfilling the role of clerk of the scales for female entrants across all the different ages, weights and Classifications.

At Boxing Scotland, we are inspired by all our athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, mothers, granmothers, aunts and sisters. In fact, anyone who gives their time to sport or for the sport.




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