Three New Clubs in Northern District


BOXING Scotland is delighted to welcome and introduce three new clubs who have opened up in the Northern District.

Declaration 1320 Boxing Club, Westhill Boxing Club and Inverurie Boxing Club all successfully completed the affiliation process in the past couple of weeks.

Arbroath-based Declaration 1320 BC, pictured, will be led by head coach George Ramsay, who was previously a coach with neighbours Arbroath Boxing Club.

“I’m buzzing. I’ve been in the professional game for a long time with a couple of guys, but it is the amateur game at this level that is what I like,” said George, who added that the gym is dedicated to the memory of the late Barrie Lee, a professional he trained, with the club adopting camouflage colours in respect of the camouflage shorts he used to wear.

“I like to bring young guys on and make a difference to young guys lives.

“We have got 12 boxers who are ready to go straight away. There are a couple who have fought before, but we also have a few novices as well.

“So we will be looking to get them matched on shows as soon as possible.

“I’m looking to have boxers competing at the best level they can be and give them the best possible opportunity.

“I feel like we have the correct coaching staff and the correct facility to do that here.”

Keen historians will have noted that the club’s name refers to the Declaration of Arbroath, which was a document declaring Scottish Independence in 1320, during the time of Robert the Bruce. The American Declaration of Independence would later be modelled on the document.

“We wanted something authentic to Arbroath and we are all proud to be from Arbroath,” George explained.

“Declaration 1320 just sounded right and we are looking to make a stamp and be everything that our emblem suggests.”

Meanwhile, Westhill Boxing Club, who are based in Kirkton of Skene, are the first of two clubs from Aberdeenshire to have affiliated.

The club have been offering boxing classes to the local community for the past few years under coach Angie Craigie, but have now decided to make the plunge and join the amateur ranks.

Angie said: “Affiliation is great news for club members and coaches who have worked tirelessly since 2011 engaging new members and creating a fit for purpose training facility.

“The club plans to continue the hard work in 2018 and looks forward to representing the community of Westhill at Scottish Amateur Boxing Events.

“Efforts to encourage local children and teenagers will continue and various fundraising events are planned to raise money to support costs associated with improving performance and attending competitions.

“Sponsorship is a huge issue and club officials hope local businesses with a passion for the Sweet Science will offer assistance by providing much needed support to move forward in 2018.”

Finally, head coach Eric Florence is delighted to be able to offer a boxing club in his home town of Inverurie, which is one of the biggest in Aberdeenshire.

He admitted there was a lot of surprise that there hasn’t been a club in the town and has been blown away by the response both in terms of boxers and volunteers.

“I just wanted to give something back to the community;” said Eric.

“I boxed as a youngster and I know the benefits of the sport with regards to discipline and respect and knowing how to conduct yourself and not get in trouble.

“There are a lot of people who are really happy we have opened up as there was a lot of people surprised there hadn’t been a boxing club in Inverurie for such a long time.

“There have been other sports like Taekwondo, but not boxing. Inverurie is an ever-growing town, as are the likes of Kintore, Kemnay and Meldrum which are all close by.

“There’s been a great response from the community and a lot of parents are really enthusiastic and have been helping with the committee and also the coaching.

“I know a lot of folk from Inverurie were having to travel into Aberdeen or out to Insch to take part in the sport, so it’s great to have a club in our community.”

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