About Us


To promote and develop Boxing in Scotland.

Company Overview

Boxing Scotland is recognised by the International Boxing Association (AIBA), UK Sport, the Scottish Government, sportscotland, Commonwealth Games Scotland and the Commonwealth Games Federation as the one and only official Scottish National Governing Body for the Olympic and Commonwealth Games sport of AIBA Open Boxing (AOB).

Our Vision

• Use the medium of boxing to change people’s lives, to improve communities and change a nation.

• Create heroes to inspire a nation;

• Every community experiences the pleasure and benefits for the many facets boxing can bring to their lives;

• Focus on our Boxers from recreational to elite reaching 10,000 members in safe, sustainable clubs;

Our Mission

• Make boxing accessible to all regardless of age, gender or ethnicity;

• Provide sporting pathways and development opportunities to all involved to be the best they can be;

• Provide quality clubs offering sporting pathways and lifetime involvement for all;

• Providing effective communication and stakeholder engagement to create a community that is broader and wider than the sport itself.

Our Values

Boxing Scotland has four major values:

Courage, Determination, Respect and Passion.

These values also focus on our athletes, their talents and their accomplishments, so that they act as role models in line with our vision and mission

Formerly known as Amateur Boxing Scotland, we were founded in January 2000 and incorporated into a company limited by guarantee.

Based in Livingston, Boxing Scotland we have a Board of Directors, led by our Chairman Richard Thomas, which has the overall responsibility for the management and strategic direction of the organisation. We have six staff members, led by our Chief Operating Officer, Fraser Walker, who directly report to the Board of Directors,

Our services include:

• Delivery of a Performance and Talent ID programme for our Elite boxers via our National and Technical coaches Mike Keane and Craig McEvoy;

• Providing development, participation and educational opportunities for our coaches, officials, volunteers and young people from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds in partnership with organisations such as the Scottish Government Justice Department;

• Hosting a series of National Championship events for all our registered boxers.

Recent rules changes implemented around the World resulted in the word “Amateur” being dropped from our name meaning we are now known as Boxing Scotland Ltd.

This was as a direct result of AIBA requesting that all recognised and official National Boxing Federations around drop the term “amateur” from their name following its Extraordinary Congress in September 2012.

Boxing Scotland will also be responsible for establishing a new AIBA Professional Boxing (APB) programme and handle the day to day running of the programme at a National level.

APB has been developed to open up new horizons for boxers seeking to pursue their dreams as professionals, within a transparent competition structure. For the first time, professional boxers can plan and track their career – backed fully by AIBA – and look forward to consistent support from their National Federations in return.