The Royal Regiment of Scotland (SCOTS) Boxing Night – 08 November 2018

The Royal Regiment of Scotland (SCOTS) Boxing Night – 08 November 2018

The Royal Regiment of Scotland (SCOTS) held their Regimental Boxing Evening on the 8 November 2018 at the Oriam Sports Performance Centre Edinburgh. The five Regular battalions and the two Reserve battalions were represented by boxers who competed for battalion pride and ‘bragging rights.’

This was the the third iteration of this biannual event which was first tested in Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh in 2014 and again in the same venue in 2016 – with an audience of over 1000 personnel and personalities being drawn from every corner of the UK

There were ten bouts on the evening.  Each boxer was introduced to the waiting crowd by their respective battalion pipe tune before the lights and smoke are engaged and the boxer’s personal choice of music covers their short walk to the circled square. There was an interval following bout five where the Regimental family hosted and entertained invited guests in traditional SCOTS style – the Pipes and Drums from 4 SCOTS and the SCOTS Band played a combined set.

In the build up to the event, the different battalions located across Scotland had conducted club sparring sessions with local clubs across Scotland in order to sharpen their Boxing skills. Coaches and members from these clubs, were invited as guests to attend the event and would agree that the boxing was thoroughly entertaining. A great show of Novice Boxing by individuals proud to step into the ring on behalf of the battalions.

This very special occasion will be summarised during the final prize giving ceremony with awards being presented to the best boxer, most courageous boxer and, finally, the champion battalion.

The Colonel of the Regiment congratulated those all boxers who had the courage to step through the ropes and represent both themselves and their battalion. The Colonel of the Regiment ended the evenings events by reminding those in attendance of the core values and standards that were on display throughout the event and how relevant they are to how they conduct themselves as soldiers in or out of the boxing ring.

At the end of the Evening.

  • The bragging rights went to 4 SCOTS.
  • Best Boxer went to – Hldr Kai Anderson (18) – 4 SCOTS
  • Most Gallant Boxer – 2Lt Calum Martin (28) – 2 SCOTS

Below is the card for the evenings event with the winners highlighted in Bold.

Red Corner Blue Corner
Bout Boxers Name First Name Battalion Weight Category Boxers Name First Name Battalion
1 Hldr Anderson (18) Kai 4 SCOTS Lightweight


Fus Brown (18} Jason 2 SCOTS
2 Hldr Wishart (27) Alexander 4 SCOTS Welterweight LCpl McRobbie (29) Michael 3 SCOTS
3 Fus Andrews (20) Robbie 2 SCOTS Middleweight Pte Dawson (20) David 3 SCOTS
4 Fus McGraw (20) Michael 2 SCOTS Middleweight Hldr Glanville (24) Kenny 4 SCOTS
5 Pte Hampson (20) Martin BKA Coy Welterweight Pte Torbet (26) Jonathan 3 SCOTS
6 Hldr Barclay (24) John 4 SCOTS Light Welterweight Fus MacDonald (23) Jamie 2 SCOTS
7 LCpl Biscette (27) Herbline 1 SCOTS Heavyweight Pte Hanson (21) Liam 3 SCOTS
8 LCpl Wilson (24) Connor 3 SCOTS Cruiser-weight LCpl McIntyre John 4 SCOTS
9 Fus Stevenson (29) Chris 2 SCOTS Cruiser-weight LCply Hayes (22) George 3 SCOTS
10 LCpl Mackie (23) Kevin 3 SCOTS Super Heavy 2 Lt Martin (28) Calum 2 SCOTS


Boxing Scotland is currently working at forging a strong relationship with members of the Armed Forces across all three Services in order to see Scottish Regiments, Bases and Establishments boxing within the Boxing Scotland Family.

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